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Verify and certify contents generated by humans, AI, or mixed. Accurate, fast, and explainable.

Drawing the Fine-line of Human-AI Authorship

AuthentiGPT, leveraging research from MIT team, efficiently evaluate the extent of human versus AI involvement in a text. It moves beyond the typical line-by-line analysis, providing a broader overview that clearly indicates the contribution level of humans and AI.

Unparalleled Accuracy

AuthentiGPT is designed to handle paragraph-length input. Thanks to our cutting-edge algorithm, it yields unparalleled accuracy among all the Human-AI Authorship Evaluation algorithms*.


accuracy rate

*based on our research of authentiGPT

**based on AUROC Score on content written by GPT-3.5

Authorship? Certified.

Coming Early 2024

Thanks to our research in AI Safety, authentiGPT allows users to create certification for high-stakes content such as college applications, legal documents, and original writings.

Features that Make Your Life Easier. We Got it.

AuthentiGPT is made with user-centric design philosophy. From uploading multiple files together to report generation for better making, we've got you covered.

Results You Can Trust. Plus Transparency


We believe transparency is as important as accuracy. The innovation of our approach is published, accepted, and recognized by the most influential AI conference, Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS). 

AuthentiGPT is Trusted by Users from


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