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The Founding of authentiAI

Securing the Automated Future

Within the corridors of Harvard and MIT, destiny brought together two individuals whose collaboration would redefine the boundaries of AI ethics. Francis, an intellectual with a background in philosophy, public policy, and investing, had always been intrigued by the moral dimensions of technology. Gavin, on the other hand, was immersed in the intricate world of AI, pursuing a PhD at MIT's EECS with a specialization in artificial intelligence and machine learning.
They sealed their camaraderie when they both recognized a burgeoning issue in academia. Professors were grappling with a new-age dilemma: how could they ascertain the extent to which students were leveraging AI in their submissions? With the line between human ingenuity and AI assistance becoming increasingly hazy, there was a pressing need for a solution that ensured academic integrity.
It was against this backdrop that, in a matter of weeks, Francis and Gavin conceptualize the foundation of what would become the authentiGPT model. Their creation does not just detect AI-generated content—it assesses intricacies and patterns to determine the extent of AI involvement in any given work, setting new standards in the field.
Yet, as groundbreaking as their invention is for academia, it is clear to both Francis and Gavin that its potential impact reaches far beyond. The digital landscape is increasingly saturated with AI-generated content, from fabricated news to morphed images. The need for authenticity is more urgent than ever.
With this in mind, the duo founded authentiAI. Their mission is clear and profound: to bring trust, protection, and safety to every AI user. 

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